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Learn to run 3 miles in 10 weeks!

with our unique 10 week running programme

Get Fitter And Healthier

Get fitter and healthier

Improve your health and well-being. We bring life changing experiences both mentally as well as improve medical conditions. We will help to improve not only your health and well-being, but we will also support you to make those simple lifestyle changes and feel great!

Meet Like Minded People

Meet like minded people

Along with becoming a more accomplished runner, SRDI provides excellent social opportunities and peer support from like-minded others. We also collectively celebrate your successes.

Learn About Yourself

Learn about yourself

A lot of participants surprise themselves with what they are able to achieve. Our approach is designed to instil in you the belief to achieve your running and fitness goals, and to have the confidence to carry on running long after you have finished your ten – week beginners programme.

Bringing a whole community
of women and girls together...

SRDI is a running programme for women by women and we support and encourage women & girls (12+) of any level and ability or fitness to participate in our ‘learn to run’ programmes.  We will support you to gain the knowledge and techniques to run from being a complete beginner to completing 3-miles in just 10-weeks. Even if you are unfit and have never ran before, SRDI will help you get started through supportive advice, guidance and peer support while you run and achieve. SRDI will help you to achieve your running and fitness goals.

All our run leaders are qualified, friendly and supportive and along with guiding you through your beginners experience, they will continue to support and develop you, if you wish to continue through our ‘Aspiring’ groups (weekly 5k+ group). A great many of our ladies from the groups have gone on to participate in Parkruns, 10k’s and even half marathons with some completing the Great North Run in 2017 and 2018.

One of the biggest benefits we see from SRDI are the enduring friendships that are formed and support and encouragement this provides in maintaining your new running habit.

SRDI running trainers
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