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Running With Cancer

Running with Cancer


If I can run, with cancer, so can you!!!!

I run with Wendy Thompson on a Tuesday morning as part of the SRDI West Park beginners group in Darlington. We are 2 weeks away from being able to run 3 miles. I have been so ill, but joined the group after Chemotherapy and at the start of Radiotherapy. One of the chemo chemicals could possibly give me heart issues in later life so its crucial that I keep my cardio vascular fitness up. What better way to do this then through running. I want to be able to run 5k regularly and take part in the Park Runs. I have just signed up to do this year’s Race for Life in South Park and will be doing it with as many ladies as I can muster to raise funds for Cancer Research to give people like me a fighting chance of living. Please join me or if you are unable to maybe you could give me a donation.

Thank you Wendy and SRDI for getting me to 3 miles through rain, snow and sunshine, well rain and snow anyway, I will see you in the Aspiring group!


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