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“I Want To Start Running But I’m Not In Great Shape And Am Worried People Will Judge Me”

“I Want to Start Running but I’m not in Great Shape and am Worried People Will Judge Me”

It’s great that you’ve decided to start running. Tell yourself not to worry about what others think, and be proud of your decision. It’s more likely people will be impressed by your motivation, and I’m sure many non-runners will be wishing they could muster the same determination. Even experienced runners had to start somewhere and they would have felt those same anxieties.

The first few times may feel daunting, so persevere and give yourself time to gain confidence, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve already. Focus on the positives, such as the huge benefits to your physical and mental health. To begin with, build confidence by joining a SRDI beginner programme, they are very welcoming and friendly. You’ll see people of all abilities running together, and encouraging each other. The support and advice you will get not only from your run leader but from the other ladies in the group will help motivate you whilst you run. Running with a friend will help – perhaps you could even persuade another new runner to take up the challenge with you. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, as well as a good pair of running shoes.

As you start your journey with SRDI, we will build up your running gradually to allow your body to adapt. Having a goal with progression steps along the way will help keep you motivated. I’m sure you’ll soon wonder what you were concerned about as your enjoyment and sense of achievement outweigh any worries.

Read one lady’s story and how it has changed her life!

“My running journey started due to being overweight and anxious post op from a Hysterectomy.

My close friend asked if I wanted to join the group SRDI and it sounded exactly what we both needed but I was very apprehensive due to lack of confidence mentally, physically and conscious of my weight. Through SRDI I have slowly but surely gained confidence and belief to achieve with small but reassuring steps. I have seen a vast improvement in my fitness and now run more frequently with friends made through the SRDI group.

Having suffered from and still dealing with bouts of depression and anxiety, this is the best medicine for me with huge results and wellbeing. It has been a life changing year and one spent more mentally and physically healthier”

Come along and see what we are all about, you never know it could change your life!

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