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Run Leaders Inspirational Story

Hi!  I’m Emma a Run Leader in Darlington.  I’m 44 and a Mum of 2.  Up until 3 years ago I’d never been a runner.  I did other exercise (gym etc)  but not running. Then I met Victoria (founder of SRDI) who introduced me to the Sisters R Doing it groups which I thought looked fab.  I asked if there were any groups in Darlington and there wasn’t….so guess who volunteered to launch a group here….ME…yes ME the non runner!

So – before I fell in love with running I fell in love with teaching others to run and I saw how much they got from it and saw them go on to do 5Ks, 10ks and for some the Great North Run. From our original beginner group 3 ladies have gone on to be run leaders themselves… and continue to inspire others to run!  I have met some really good friends and amazing ladies through the programmes, I really look forward to seeing them each week, to watch them grow and develop is extremely rewarding for me.

I recently set up my Fit 2 Push group and that is a joy to get out with new Mum’s and their babies… it’s so rewarding!

I then began to teach Aspiring groups and even at this point I didn’t consider myself to be a ‘proper runner’!

But this week something odd has happened – I began to feel like running was something I wanted to do more often, I began to daydream about it.

I don’t always enjoy runs but I ALWAYS without fail feel BETTER after doing them! I’ve spent today wondering when I can fit my next run in. When I’m out and about round town I’m thinking of routes for my next groups.

So my message is – it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been running one week or 10 years just keep on running. You may not consider yourself a ‘proper runner’ but you know what if you put your trainers on and run ….You are a runner!  It just takes some of us longer than others to really get the bug!

I’m proud to be part of the running community and especially to be a leader for Sisters R Doing it!

Thank you Vicky Fawcett for inspiring me to get involved!

If you are interested in becoming a Run Leader get in touch its one of the best thing I did!

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