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A ‘Sisters’ Inspirational Story

A ‘Sisters’ Inspirational Story


I ran a lot when I was younger especially at school where I loved running cross country but as soon as I left I stopped running. Tried running on my own  now and again but didn’t enjoy it as i had no willpower or belief in myself that I could do it.
I met Emma (Run Leader, Darlington) a few years ago and she told me about her running group Sisters R Doing It, I was a little dubious about joining as I didn’t think I was good enough and would not be able to keep up.  Everyone was so welcoming  and encouraging and  I loved it and still do.

I found running my escape from everyday stresses it clears my head and makes me feel good, I suffered from anxiety and depression last year and stopped running but all my running buddies kept in touch and gradually got me back into it.

I have now run over 20 5k and 10k races and have entered the ballot for the GNR something I never thought I would or could ever do!

The  best thing I’ve done was to decide to start running!  I’ve improved my fitness, given myself some me time and made some fantastic friends. So if you are still thinking about running and lack of confidence/self belief is stopping you. These beginner programmes are fantastic for getting you started,  building your confidence, self belief and the support from the run leader and other ladies in the group is amazing!  Thank you for taking the time to read my story I hope it has inspired you to come along and join us at SRDI.


*Dawn is on the far right of the photo

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