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My First Experience At Boxing With SRDI

My first experience at boxing with SRDI

Last year I saw an advert on the Sisters R Doing Page, Ladies Boxing for Beginners. I had been a part of the running groups and found so many new friends as well as a love of running.

I have never boxed in my life. What would it involve? Will everyone there be fit as lops and experienced? I figured the clue was in the name, Boxing for Beginners. I signed on the dotted line (technologically at least, I miss pens).

On Tuesday I stuffed my shiny new Boxing gloves in the car, with my ‘gym kit’! All day I was excited and a tad nervous.

I arrived in time to see a couple of ladies heading towards the Boxing Club. They looked normal enough! There were about 25-30 of us, all looking equally nervous and chatting to each other. ‘Have you boxed before?’ ‘She looks like she has’.

Jayne introduced herself and explained what we would be doing. Sounded promising, she mentioned Boxing!! Then she said technique! Do we not just hit them and hope for the best?! Eeeeeek

In pairs we started practicing foot work and the correct placement of our feet, we helped each other with this. Working together we got the hang of it. I loved it

We then learned 2 different punches, a jab and a backhand. Each time Jayne made sure we were doing each exercise (like the doggy on the advert I was looking for extra fries) correctly. I loved it

We finished the session with smiles and a little less stress about what we would be doing. I loved it

I am really looking forward to Round 2 –


(front left)

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