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Sheree’s Boxing With SRDI

Sheree’s Boxing with SRDI

Been really excited about today’s session. Gloves were in the car before my lunch bag!! I even roped a friend into coming along too. Wahoo!

Had a lovely chatter with everyone as we arrived before launching into a Warm up. Warm ups have always left me more tired than the main session. Loved it!

This week we are going to be working on some defence techniques announced Jayne. Can’t think of anything more important than preventing someone hitting me so I was quite interested in this. We practised blocking, parrying and more importantly, Running Away!!! Well actually it was taking a step back giving us the opportunity to then step in with a backhand! Loved it

We practised the Hook!! Another punch to get to grips with. So we have the Jab, the Backhand and the Hook (my Grandma has a wicked left hook!!!) Loved it

A session on the bags to work on our punching and moving techniques with a few exercises thrown in for good measure. Loved it

Can we improve on last week’s plank. Of course we can, I increased by 7 seconds.



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