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Round 5 For Sheree – Boxing

Round 5 for Sheree – Boxing

I heard the promise of ‘I’m going to put the body armour on!’ Oh my God I was so excited by that little revelation. It also went alongside we are going to ramp up the fitness too. Well ya bugger man, she meant it. Was a tough warm up, boxing bag and exercises on the side. Nowt like my burger with fries on the side!!! You know what, I did it, and felt great. I was ready for whatever Jayne could throw at me – literally as she was throwing punches at us. Practising what we had learned from Weeks 1-4 and increasing the repetitions. The moment came we were all looking forward to. Jayne put the body armour on and let is all ‘have at her’!! I almost got her on the chin, whoops!! Even our very own Glorious Leader Vicky had a bash at Jayne. My goodness that lass hits hard, think she may have done it before!!

We had a great time sparring with each, soft body blows only mind.

Tone up at the end had us doing more crazy leg, core and general let’s see how much we can hurt on Wednesday exercises.

The moment we had all been waiting for (dreading) came. Another PLANK PB!!!!!!!!! 1 minute & 36s

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