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Q. I haven’t run before, would these programmes be suitable for me?

A. Absolutely! Our tried and tested programmes are designed to teach you the knowledge and techniques to run from complete beginner level to three miles. Even if you are unfit and have never run before, the ‘SRDI’ groups can help you get started giving you sensible advice, support and company while you run. We will help you to identify and reach your goals.

Q. Do I just turn up for the enrolment?

A. To avoid disappointment we recommend you book online onto your chosen programme beforehand. Then simply turn up at the venue on the specified date and time. The enrollment will only last for approximately 45 minutes. We will explain fully how the programme works. It is a great opportunity to meet your run leader and fellow participants.

Q. What if I can’t make the enrollment?

A. Don’t worry if you can not make the enrollment not everyone can. You can join the programme/group up until week three so just simply book on and we will give you all the details you need to get you started.

Q. What happens if I can not attend every week?

A. We understand that people have other life pressures and as such might miss some weeks due to family commitments, holidays or illness. Just attend as many as you can.

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