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SDRI running group

Are you passionate about running and love to inspire other women?

Would you like to earn money whilst doing something you are passionate about?

Become a SRDI Licensee

Take ownership of your own running network with added support from SRDI.

SRDI (Sisters R Doing it) delivers a unique network of both beginner and aspiring running programmes that teaches women how to run and run with confidence. Developing the skills and knowledge to get their breathing and pacing right. Regardless of fitness levels, aspiration, background or location, we encourage women to be part of ‘Sisters R Doing It’ and feel the difference! These sessions are friendly, fun and social, offering encouragement and support to help more women to run, and to run more often.

SRDI (Sisters R Doing it) are seeking highly motivated and committed individuals to join our team of Licensees who are qualified to deliver and manage both beginner and aspiring programmes. You will lead and manage programmes in and around the community of your choice in agreeance with Stockton Borough Council.

To become a SRDI Group Leader, you need to have completed one of following UK Athletics courses, delivered by England Athletics:

  • Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF)
  • Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF)
  • Qualified Athletics Coach (UKA Level 2 and above)

If you are just starting out as a Run Leader LiRF is the course for you. This one-day course is delivered around 100 times a throughout the country. You will learn all the aspects of leading a group in a safe and fun environment. How to structure a session that is suitable for all levels of ability, including warm-ups, cool downs and stretches. You will gain the knowledge of how to plan suitable running routes and different training sessions. There is no exam or assessment, completion of the course qualifies and equips you in readiness to lead a group.

This is an exciting opportunity for women who would like to develop and take ownership of their own running network.


Email telling us a little about yourself, your running background, qualifications and what would make you an ideal leader!

Contact us now:
Vicky Fawcett – SRDI
Email: vicky.fawcett@stockton.gov.uk
Tel: 01642 52 4816
Mob: 07341 073738

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